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Deanery Lent Course – held at Hartpury Old Chapel.

Starts 2-4pm Monday 12th February over 6 weeks.

‘Ageing gracefully’ : a practical theology of later life.


First of all, this is not a conventional retirement course! It is a six-session course for Christians who wish to explore some of the theological issues raised by an ageing society. We all like to pretend that ageing only happens to others and not us. ‘Ageing gracefully’ is a course for those who are ready to face up to this reality. Through Biblical themes we will try to understand God’s purposes in a long life. Together we will explore how Christians might respond to the challenges we often face towards the end of our earthly life – both in ourselves and in caring for those we love.


The course covers attitudes to ageing – firstly ours and then Biblical perspectives - and individual sessions are devoted to healing in the context of frailty; giving and receiving care; understanding dementia and the soul; and end of life issues. It combines my medical perspectives as a Christian Geriatrician with a theological exploration of the issues that arise.


The course will be on Monday afternoons at Hartpury Old Chapel from 2pm till 4pm starting Monday 12th February. There is no charge, but the course is run under the auspices of Gateway Theology School who will invite you to make a donation. If you wish to come, please email Revd John Longuet-Higgins or phone 01452 700965.

Dr Ian Donald

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