At home together - Never Fear, Snake My Dear!

Have you ever seen a real snake? If so, how long was it? What colour was it?

I saw a grass snake by my house a few days ago and it was nearly 2 metres long but it slithered away as soon as it saw me.

The story in this video is about a friendship between a mouse and a snake. Not a very usual combination!

What did the snake want to do to the mouse at the start of the story?

Why did she change her mind?

What did the mouse promise to do?

Was their escape and adventure always easy?

How did they help each other?

Did they always trust each other?

In the BIble there are lots of stories about Jesus making friends with people who were lonely or had no friends. The story of Zacchaeus tells us of how Jesus made friends and changed Zacchaeus' life.

It is good to make new friends and to trust people.

Dear God, Help us to make new friends and to trust people. Help us to be good friends to others. Amen.

Things to try at home:

  • Make a paper chain snake like the one in the video
  • Find out about snakes that we have living in the UK
  • Make a snake out of Playdoh
  • Make a snake out of an old sock by stuffing it and adding eyes and a long tongue


Click HERE to watch the video


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